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Meet Christopher Titolo.

Christopher is a 6th grader at Farnsworth Middle School in Guilderland. One morning, he told his mom he didn't feel well enough to go to school. He complained of a headache and started vomiting. The headaches continued through the fall of 2011 - after a severe headache, a doctor ordered an MRI.

The MRI showed a large tumor which was causing fluid backup on the brain. Chris was rushed to Albany Med. The diagnosis was juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma, a life-threatening childhood brain tumor. He had 10 and half hour of surgery the next day. The surgery was a success and the tumor was benign. After a month in the PICU, he started rehab.

Today Chris enjoys playing sports and has a very active lifestyle. The Titolo's got great support not only from family and friends but also from the doctors and staff at Albany Med - they enjoyed coming back today to say "hi!" to their old friends!

Some newborns in the NICU are born weighing as little as one pond. The NICU at Albany Medical Center is the New York State designated Regional Perinatal Center, caring for critically ill newborns and their mothers.

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