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Meet Lexi Gurka.

While playing with the family dog, Lexi's mom noticed bruising on her arm in November. The initial diagnosis was a bad infection. Later on, a biopsy of the cells showed a malignant cancer.

Lexi was diagnoses with B-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a rare cancer, especially in someone as young as Lexi. Her treatment plan includes two-and-a-half years of chemo, which caused her to lose hair. Lexi is currently in maintenance treatment with chemo and testing once a month until May of next year.

A video of Lexi singing her family's theme song, "Brave" inspired our Radiothon "BRAVE" video that you can watch below!

photo mikethewebguy

The Melodies Center has approximately 30 children receiving chemo each day at the The Children's Hospital at Albany Medical Center.

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