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Meet Sydney Reichert.

Sydney was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at two weeks old. "I wasn't gaining weight, I was sick." The doctors administered a sweat test and the results came back positive for CF.

As a 13-year-old, life with CF is different for Sydney. There's a list of things she can do, but she can't do them as long as she likes. Take running for example, she's more likely to lose her breath than other people her age. One of the big differences for Sydney, "I can stay out late with my friends but I can't stay out as late as I'd like too!"

Despite having CF, Sydney doesn't consider herself different. She's "artistic, likes to hang out with her friends, dance, sing..." typical teen interests. With CF, Sydney has to administer treatments twice a day for 40 minutes that involve strapping on a specialized vest that shakes the fluid that forms inside her lungs. "I'll have to do this until they find a cure."

For now, Sydney isn't letting CF slow her down, she's interested in becoming a nurse, mainly a pediatrics nurse because "I know what its like."

A Cystic Fibrosis Vest costs as much as $15,000. It's a high-frequency chest oscillation vest that clears the child's airway and helps keep the lungs free from bacteria that could led to infection and permanent lung damage.

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