Schenectady Police say Corey Daniels, 27, is charged with assault after they found a man stabbed around 10:00 a.m. Thursday morning at 517 Union Street, the Union Inn.

The 26-year old victim told police that the pair had been drinking and then they argued. At that time, Daniels chased him into the basement of the Union Inn where he beat him with a “billy club” type object and cut him several times, police said.
Officers say the male victim was bleeding from his forearms, wrists and hands and was treated on scene by members of the Schenectady Fire Department and taken to Ellis Hospital (Nott St.) by Mohawk Ambulance.

In tracking Daniels, police say he refused to answer his apartment door for police who eventually broke it in. He is charged with felony assault, Criminal Possession of a Weapon (4th Degree, Class-A Misdemeanor),  Obstruction of Governmental Administration (2nd Degree, Class-A Misdemeanor), Harassment (2nd Degree, Violation).