47 thousand dollars later, it's the debut of the “Sport Court” concept in the Capital Region.  Bethlehem YMCA is the first to invest in the modular tiles, which District Executive Director Derek Martin says will allow the Y to convert their ice rink into a year-round playing surface that will be gentle on athletes.  Martin tells News Radio 810 and 103.1 WGY, “If you're on this surface versus a wood or certainly a concrete surface, there's going to be less impact on your knees.”  He also says there is a grip to the surface that may help keep players from slipping, potentially saving them from injuries. 

The 200 foot-long Sport Court is already being utilized for summer camp, for Zumba, and floor hockey at the Bethlehem branch of the Y.

The Sport Court was assembled on top of the concrete floor after the ice was removed from their rink.  The court is made up of modular tiles, which can be replaced individually if any damage occurs.

Sport courts are said to be gaining popularity around the county, not only with organization like the Y but even as backyard play areas for kids