Photo Courtesy 810 & 103.1 WGY's George Morris

Vice President Joe Biden was on hand at the Capitol Tuesday as Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled a 1,000 project, $17-billion plan to "re-imagine" New York state in response to Hurricane Sandy, and Tropical Storms Irene and Lee.

The plan includes updating weather detection with 125 new stations across the state. More than 100 bridges will be replaced with state-of-the art designs ready to deal with extreme weather.

In addition, the governor is talking about the creation of a Citizen First Responder Corps and creating a College of Emergency Preparedness through SUNY. 

Biden said just restoring after a disaster isn't going to work in the 21st Century.  More planning is necessary.

Plans are also in place to rethink airports, power plants, community reconstruction, and create a strategic fuel reserve system statewide.  Also plans were unveiled to seal New York City's subways against flooding.