Two motorcycle riders in their mid-20s are very lucky after drag racing on ice at Thompson’s Lake that gave way. Authorities say they hit a soft patch and one motorcycle went into the frigid water but the rider was able to scurry away, according to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple.

Now, authorities are urging the public to use caution when going out onto lakes and other bodies of water due to thin ice.

The two men, a 25-year old from Coeymans and a 23-year old from Selkirk, were uninjured but arrangements needed to be made to remove the motorcycle from the frigid water, Apple said in a press release. Additionally, the NYS Environmental Police were called in to assist with clean up.

With such a cold stretch during the early part of the season, many people believe that the lake ice is thicker than what it really is, Apple said. Ice conditions are always difficult to predict, but recent warm weather has drastically melted the ice and weakened the stability on lakes in Albany County.

“Everyone was rescued unharmed and never actually entered the water,” Apple said. “People need to be aware of their surroundings and added that everyone who does venture onto ice should have proper buoyancy protection such as life vests.”