A Schenectady man is facing felony DWI charges after being found Saturday morning around 6:15 a.m. driving his pick-up truck in Clifton Park with no tire on the front driver’s side wheel, according to the State Police.

Troopers say they followed the scratches left in the pavement to find the tire remains and then the Ford-250 pick-up truck. The scratches measured found that Michael Berben drove 10.7 miles down several roads and neighborhoods, including Route 146, without a tire, police said.

Field Sobriety Tests showed Berben, 27, blew .21% BAC during a breath test, police said. Due to a prior DWI conviction, Berben was charged with Felony DWI along with other Vehicle and Traffic infractions including Operating with an Inadequate Tire. Berben is due back in Clifton Park Town Court.