If there's one phrase that can sum up the 2015 New York State Teacher of the Year it's this: Carpe Diem.

Charles Giglio teaches Latin at Gloversville High School. 

This year's award winner may be the most experienced of all previous winners.

Giglio has been teaching since the 60's--and was actually retired a decade ago.

But he was pulled back in 10 years ago.


Giglio's students tend to be high achievers...eventually becoming doctors and scientists. In an earlier interview he said he believes learning a Latin actually helps students become better thinkers.

Giglio tells 810 and 103.1 WGY that he's concerned about the dearth of Latin teachers...and the number of districts that even offer it anymore. But he's hopeful that being named Teacher of the Year will garner new interest in learning the language. 

Hear an extended interview with Giglio on how students benefit from learning Latin:


One of his student's favorite Latin sayings is "Per ardua ad astra" which translates to "To the stars through toil." It's a motto he says they are willing to adopt.

New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) applauded Giglio, also citing his generosity. Giglio is known to have donated his car to a needy student heading off to college, volunteered to tutor a student with lymphoma and paid the registration fees for students who cannot afford the cost of exams needed to earn college credit. He is also a church organist and according to NYSUT is training his dog, Tanner, to be a service animal.