A Brooklyn man suspected of selling drugs in the city of Amsterdam for the past five months was picked up on a warrant, police said.

Gabriel Gonzalez, 28, of Bunn St. in Amsterdam, was arrested Wednesday, Sept. 3 and charged with Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance (3rd Degree, Class-B Felony), Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance (3rd Degree, Class-B Felony), for possession of crack and cocaine, police said. They say he was also a parole absconder.

Detectives received information that Gonzalez spent a lot of time at the Impala Club, a pool hall and bar on East Main Street. After conducting surveillance of the club, police followed him and arrested him and when the cuffed him, found “more than ¾ of an ounce of cocaine and crack, which has a street value of approximately $1,500,” police said.

Gonzalez will be arraigned in Amsterdam City Court on Thursday before the Hon. Howard Aison.