Capital Rally




With the state legislative session underway, one thing you can count on is that advocates for one issue or another will find their way to the Capitol to make their voices heard. 



At the Second Floor "War Room," religious leaders from across the state gave their endorsement to one of Gov. Cuomo's key priorities, hoping to up the age of criminal responsibility to eighteen. 



New York is one of the last states in the country to charge sixteen and seventeen year old children as adults for non-violent crimes, and put them in adult prisons. 



Upstairs, outside the Senate chamber, a group of lawmakers and advocates are urging passage of a bill designed to give victims of child sex abuse more time to press charges. 



Right now, they lose their right to do so at age twenty three. 



The measure has passed the Assembly several times, and lost by one vote in the Senate last year.



Photo: WGY News