I like and respect my co-host and have to work very closely with her every day so let me be very delicate here:  KELLY, YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG!!!  That's right.  Three exclamation points. 

Kelly wrote a very thoughtful piece on our blog this week regarding media coverage of the beheading of American journalist Jim Foley.

READ: The New York Post has allowed terror to win - Kelly

Thoughtful but, in my rarely humble opinion, misguided.  

For the record, I have not and will not watch the beheading video. Don't want to.  Don't need to.  Apparently I'm not alone.  The digital distribution of this disgusting act of cowardice has led to a powerful "do not share" protest movement.  According to the people who track such things, the vast majority of Americans are NOT watching the video and are not, as you contend, allowing the "enemy to win".   The fact is, we are not "terrorized" by this horrific act.  We ARE sickened and angered by it though.  The release of the video, viewed or not, has galvanized us and it has reaffirmed the sad realization that we are dealing with pure evil. 

Yes, the New York Post devoted its entire front page to an image of Foley sitting, with a hooded man holding a knife to his throat, a split second before he slit his throat and beheaded him.  It was painful to look at.  It was powerful.....almost too much to take.  It was, sadly for all of us, a brutal but succinctly effective depiction of what happened.  

Contrary to your contention, ISIS got exactly THE OPPOSITE of what it wanted.  For people who were not paying much attention to ISIS, this act of barbarism has opened their eyes.  For many of the rest of us, it has strengthened our resolve.  Maybe you prefer the Times Union's treatment of the story. There were no pictures to upset us,  just a run-of-the-mill few paragraphs buried on page A-4, pushed aside in favor of a story on Canadian rail cars (actually the fear-mongers prefer the term "bomb trains" but that's a discussion for another time) and pretty pictures of the U.S. Water Ski Show Team.  Not me. 

Unlike you, I am not "disgusted  by my own profession", not this time anyway.   And for the record, I think Jim Foley will be remembered for the noble work he did and will not be forever defined by images of his last moments with the savages who took his life and have taken the lives of so many other innocent people.

- Chuck