Nobody ever wants to hear they have mice.  And that is just what I heard a couple months ago when Catseye came out to the house.  They did a complete top to bottom inspection, from the attic to the basement.  And they discovered that at some point, little rodents had found their way in and had a party.  I never heard them, and I never saw them.  But they were here.  It turns out that the majority of homes do have mice, and the homeowners have no idea.  Just because you don’t see or hear them or see evidence that they have been there, doesn’t mean they aren’t quietly sneaking in.

The Cat Guard takes care of them for good.  It seals off the entry points to your home so they can’t get in.  They love to crawl up the end caps of vinyl siding, get in through the tiniest openings in the foundation, and squirrels are notorious for crawling from tree branches to your roof and into your attic.  The Cat Guard locks them out.  It blends in with your home so unless you know what you’re looking for, you don’t even notice it.  It is keeps out ALL creatures, from mice to rats to squirrels.  Once the Cat Guard is installed, the awesome technicians at Catseye will come back a few times to make sure no “visitors” got locked inside.  They also vacuum and sanitize and take care of all the evidence the mice left behind.

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