No shortage of them this week. Starting off in Illinois with a meth-maker busted while wearing his lucky "Los Pollos Hermanos". Los Pollos Hermanos being the chain restaurant front that peddled meth in Breaking Bad. (Spoiler Alert).


A Florida woman who described herself as "horny" allegedly summoned a cop to her home and tried to have sex with him.  When he refused and left, she called 911 again to complain. She was arrested.


Of course, our local stupid criminals cannot be ignored, especially these two from Herkimer county.  When a farmer noticed something amiss with his cows, he set up a surveillance camera to discover why. And he did. Michael Jones, 35, allegedly did the dirty deed with the cattle while his best pal Reid Fontaine, 31, filmed it. Classy.

And finally a woman who called 911 to complain about her uncooked waffles.