Here we go again.  A spoiled rotten teenager with a bad attitude is demanding her parents shell out big bucks for a pricey private school and a car.  Not only that, she is taking them to court.  Yes, she is SUING her parents.  This is despite the fact that she ran away because -GASP-  they expected her to come home on time, help out around the house and be respectful to others.  (You can read the story here)

Can I have 5 minutes alone with this brat?  Please?  I want to tell her that she is everything that is wrong with society today.  This isn’t the first time we’ve had this discussion but it keeps falling on deaf ears.  Here is what I would LOVE to say to this woman.  And yes, at 18, she is a woman.

1-      Nobody owes you anything. You are 18. You choose not to play by the rules. You don’t get to make demands of anyone. The minute you decided that the rules of the home in which you were living do not apply to you, you waived any right to the benefits that come with living in that house.  Let’s fast forward a few years.  You decide you don’t want to play by your boss’s rules.  You get fired. Or you quit.  You do not have the right to continue to collect a paycheck.  While you are living in your parents’ home, they ARE the boss of you. You fail to play by their rules and you leave?  You don’t get to demand their money. 

2-      You have been brought up in a comfy, upscale home with parents who have provided you with luxuries that many adults can’t afford.  Crawl out of the bubble you live in and take a look at the world around you.  There are kids who go to bed hungry.  There are kids who are raising their siblings because their parents are crack and meth addicts. There are kids who don’t have clothes that fit, or shoes that are falling apart.  There are kids whose parents beat them, berate them, and destroy every ounce of their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.  These are kids would give anything to have parents who care enough about them to enforce a curfew and encourage respect in their household. These are kids who would give anything to be able to get a private school education to break the cycle of poverty, even if it means playing by the rules.

3-      You want something?  EARN IT.  You may not have learned this lesson because you never had to.  I don’t know how your parents raised you, but my parents raised me to work hard for the things I want. You want a car?  Get a job, save up and pay for it.  You want that education?  Go to public school.  Or take out student loans like tens of thousands of kids do each year. You are not ENTITLED to anything. Lose that attitude now, or you will be in a for a rude awakening when you enter “the real world”.

4-      Be appreciative. Your parents love and care about you.  They are trying to raise you to be a smart, well-educated and responsible adult.  You are making their job very, very difficult. Despite your horrible behavior, despite you taking them to court, despite the hatred and hurtful things you may have said and done to them…. They still want you to come home. Someday, they aren’t going to be around anymore.  And you will look back at this time in your life and your heart will break at the way you treated them, when they only had your best interest in mind.

Sadly, you are far from unique in your attitude, behavior and expectations.  Do yourself a favor, get your head out of your posterior.  Pick up your iPhone 5, use your fingers manicured with the latest OPI color to dial your parents.  Tell them you are sorry, and go back home. Grow up,  play by the rules, get your education and go on to be a responsible and productive member of society.  Work hard, play hard, appreciate what you have, be kind and respectful to others.  In other words, be the person you parents are raising you to be.

We will ALL be grateful for that.