Kelly and I had a great discussion with our medical expert, Dr. Mark Anderson. He's usually the voice of reason on stuff like this.  

The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to issue voluntary guidelines asking the food industry to lower sodium levels. The food industry has already made some reductions, and has prepared for government action since a 2010 Institute of Medicine report said companies had not made enough progress on making foods less salty. The IOM advised the government to establish maximum sodium levels for different foods, though the FDA said then - and maintains now - that it favors a voluntary route.

Once the guidelines are issued, the FDA says we probably won't notice an immediate taste difference in higher-sodium foods like pizza, pasta, bread and soups. The idea would be to encourage gradual change so consumers' taste buds can adjust, and to give the companies time to develop lower-sodium foods.  

How low do they want to go and will it work? Check out Dr. Mark. -  Chuck