I hate buying cars. It is so stressful. From driving around and test driving, to searching for that perfect make and model, to negotiating the price and payment, it ranks right up there with filing taxes and swimsuit shopping.

What if you could have someone do all of that for you? You could just tell them what make and model car you want, what year, what color, and what you’re willing to pay, and POOF… there it is.

That’s what CAP COM does for their members. They have connections at a ton of local dealerships, so they can get you the best rate and payment. And if they don’t have the exact car you’re looking for here in the Capital Region, they will find it. No driving around, no negotiating, no stress.

See, just another reason why they are so much more than a bank. A bank wants to take your money. CAP COM wants to help you save yours, and then help you spend it wisely on the things you need and want the most.