College. A Wedding. Childcare. Retirement. With four kids ages 7 to 25, we are juggling all of those financial issues right now.  Retirement seems so far off when you’re writing a check for childcare every week.  But you can’t forget about your own needs down the road.

Wherever you are in life, Cap Com is there for you.  They are a variety of free workshops  to help you plan for the future.  From retirement planning to buying a new car, they can help you achieve your goals.  If a new home is in your future, there is a workshop for that, too.  In fact,  the last Homebuyers Advantage workshop was so popular, it maxed out.  So, there is another workshop planned for June 4. It will be held at the Albany Marriott, from 6-8 pm. It’s free, you don’t have to be a member, and Cap Com will have experts on hand to answer any question you have about the home buying process, whether you’re just trying to figure out if you can afford it, or even if you’ve been through it before and want to get some more information.

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