From time to time I do stupid things due to sleep deprivation.  Today, I was getting ready for work in the downstairs bathroom.  I reached under the sink, grabbed the can of hairspray, closed my eyes and gave it a good, solid spray.  The kind where you take a deep breath, hold it, close your eyes and spray. (It is raining, you know!)

But before I even opened my eyes, I realized that was not hairspray I just coated my hair with.

It was air freshener.

That’s right.  I’m now walking around in a cloud of Ginger Pumpkin. A very STRONG Ginger Pumpkin.  Sorry, Chuck.

So that led me to think about all of the other things I have done in recent years, due to sleep deprivation.

1-      During a remote broadcast from Saratoga on Opening Day at the track, I reached down during a commercial break to discover that I had only shaved one leg in the shower that morning.

2-      In my morning stupor, stumbing around the kitchen before work, I accidentally poured MILK into the Keurig, instead of water.  (Note: that does NOT make a latte!)

3-      I got to work one morning to discover that I had packed the wrong phone in my purse.  I had a giant cordless phone instead of my cell phone.

4-      I arrived at work another time to find I had both sets of keys- mine AND my husband’s- in my purse.  He would have no way to get to work.  Good thing I was early, and I live close.  I ran the other set back home before he woke up.

And finally…

5-      During a commercial break, I was heating up my egg sandwich in the microwave at work, and walked away.  Instead of entering 1:30 on the timer, I hit 13:00.  I set the microwave on fire.  The building alarms went off and the fire department arrived.  And the entire building smelled like fire for a full week.  Amazingly, I am still employed!

I can’t be the only one who does stupid things in the mornings.  What are some foolish things you have done due to sleep deprivation?