Producer or Day-care coordinator?

Working with Joe is a little different than working with other hosts. 

Andrew is the weekend morning show producer. He contacts and schedules our many guests.

He is also responsible to make sure Joe has various show materials in place and is in the studio instead of the cafeteria.  Oh, and that Joe stays focused on his show and not on the fishing channel.

 (Some say it is a form of day-care) 

(Deb Macarin, former weekend morning show producer, always said her  educational background in early childhood education prepared her to work with Joe)

 Andrew also questions whether Joe is originally from Earth.

Andrew grew up locally and has been the producer for the past several years.

p.s. There are a number of former weekend morning show producers. After working with Joe, most have moved away for a rest.  Mike King moved to Florida and still rolls his eyes while listening to Joe on his computer.



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