Q. Dear Joe:  I heard you mention that some think radio announcers will eventually become extinct just like the dinosaurs.  Such a shame.  How will future generations know that radio announcers had previously existed?  John

A.  John:  It is our hope that future generations will find our fossils and then make themselves familiar with the American radio announcer.  Hopefully these fossils will be preserved in some type of radio announcer museum.  Also the museum might sell replicas of these fossils in their gift shop with proceeds being donated to the building of big radio announcer statues in each of the 50 states.

Q. Dear Joe: I heard you ask the residents of the Capital Region to bathe regularly and hold back on the "salty language" during the tourist season.  How long does the darn tourist season last?  Bill

A. Dear Bill: Actually, tourist season is on-going do to our change of seasons.  We want to impress the tourists, so they will return time and time again.  

Q. Dear Joe:  Bill here again.  On-going....you've got to be kidding me!  What do you mean by bathe regularly?

A. Dear Bill again:  Daily, if possible.  Otherwise the tourists will hightail it out of here. And they won't be able to spend their....I mean see the wonderful sights this area has to offer.

Dear Joe:  Bill still again.  Can we work out a compromise on this daily bathing and holding back on the "salty language" during tourist season?  I don't have a lot of time for bathing each day.

Q. Bill:  Please stop emailing me, and you will find time to bathe.  Thank you.



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