...I'd be home listening to Joe Gallagher.  Seriously.  I want to thank Barney, Fan Club president, for his tireless effort to build the Fan Club.  Some have told me that they think that Barney is a secret agent for another show at this station.  His sneaky job might be to hold down my website recommends while posing as my fan club president.  As you will notice, I only have 6 recommends (Joe thinks he should at least have 10...well maybe 9). 

Barney swears to his loyalty. Joe says, "How can you get mad at a guy who has the same beauty genes that I do?" 

If you see Chuck Custer, please ask him if Barney is on his payroll.  Thanks. Yours truly, G Dawg 

Dear Fans,

It's getting better all the time!

Joe (aka: The G, Weekend Boy, Mr. Joe from the Weekend Show and G Dawg) is very pleased that he now has 5 6 recommends on the weekend morning web page.  That is up from 0 a short time ago.  Yes, the Big Zero.  It has added a little pizzazz to his step.

We are currently trying to set up fan clubs all over the world.  Some say Joe is more popular in Europe than he is here at home. 

But as you can see from a local fan club meeting (photo below), our endeavors do not look very promising.  We told Joe to be happy with the 5 6 recommends.



While I have your attention, let me address your concerns that I look almost just like Joe. The meaning being that Joe is really his own Fan Club president.  Outrageous! Yes, that would be embarrassing. But Joe is Joe and Barney is Barney. 

Take Care, Barney
Joe Gallagher Fan Club President
All 50 States & International
And Growing By The Minute