Welcome to the Odds & Ends Closet. If this is your first visit (what took you so long?), we have tossed a bunch of stuff in here that Joe was going to throw out.  If this is not your first visit, you will probably agree this stuff should be tossed out.


Is this Chuck and Kelly's microphone?  And is that pine tar on it?



Say it ain't so.  Can't be! 

Apparently some baseball pitchers use it.....they say to get a better grip on the ball.  Could Chuck and Kelly be using it to get a better grip on their very informative morning show?  No way, they already have a great grip.  Say it ain't so.  Can't be!



Email delivered to your front porch?

Joe is surprised that show producer Andrew (a member of the Millennial generation) depends on email as opposed to regular mail.  It gets Joe to thinking (he's good at that) maybe the USPS can also deliver your email.




Joe's Take on Using Valet Parking and Bellhops


Caller-ID,  Wish We Had It in the 80's


Please Don't Make Me Wait Til Tonight at 11!



 WGY Parking Lot Speed Bump 

easy does it...



WGY News Room Swimsuit Edition


WGY News Room Swimsuit Edition


Looking Out the Window

(A habit that started during his school days)





Recently, Chuck Custer celebrated 30 years as a WGY broadcaster (news anchor, News Director, Program Manager and now morning co-host of the Chuck & Kelly Show. 

The station gave him a very nice surprise party.  Retired long time morning host Don Weeks who worked with Chuck for a good many years asked Joe Gallagher to make a presentation on his behalf.  Don who is famous for his "I hope to be there" statement was truly unable to make this event.  So Don's idea was for Joe to present Chuck with a box of prunes.  Don also asked Joe to get Chuck a pair of chattering teeth sitting in a glass of water.  Joe searched but came up empty.  He was hoping Don would donate an extra pair of his for the event. 

The ribbon was provided by Joe's wife.  She also paid for the box of prunes.  Ah, Don, that will be a $1.99 please.

As you can see, Joe is hoping for a career in modeling to supplement his weekend morning show hosting duties.

Photo courtesy of Jay Bobbin