Hello, thank you for visiting Marge's Corner.  You don't hear me that much on the air as Joe tries to hog the spotlight.  I have been working with Joe for quite a few years and would like to add my 2 cents to this web page. 

Joe is still under the illusion that he will someday be in the "Big Time."  Our buddy Don Weeks once said of Joe, "The only Big Time he will ever see is when he steps on the scale at the doctor's office."

WGY is 50,000 Watts on 810 AM.  Joe gets mad when I introduce him on the air as "here he is with 50,000 whats - 50,000 people saying what is that when he comes on."

 Below is one of my favorite introductions of Joe that was heard early on a Sunday morning in late January. After  news anchor Jim Gagliardi finishes the news the Show Announcer goes into action. I told both Joe and Show Announcer that it was not a very polite way to start off a Sunday. Joe will not be happy with this...who cares!


Stay tuned to Marge's Corner as I will have more updates.  Have a nice day.