On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: It is common knowledge that President Obama doesn't care about the Constitution and has continually violated it. So when Speaker Boehner has the obligation to do something about it via the oath he took, and doesn't - what is the citizen to do? When our politicians refuse to use the powers bestowed upon them, such as the power of the purse - to stop the funding or certain government programs, or the power of impeachment but don't do so, where do we go? We're seeing the Executive Branch use more power than ever before with no consequences to it. We have the worst Presidential actions going on and Boehner and some House Republicans have already said that they won't begin the impeachment talk. Mark says there's no alternative anymore, the only solution must be what the Framer's had intended, written about, and voted it into the Constitution. A Convention of States would bring the power back to the state legislators and ultimately the American people. Mark talks about what Amendments he would take up if he was a legislator and how he would go about getting them done. Finally, Mark talks about KGB and Russian mouthpieces that are blaming Obama and not Putin for new Cold War rumblings.


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