On Friday's Mark Levin Show: Mark goes off on Haley Barbour and other Republicans who are talking about the ideological purity of the Republican Party, yet they themselves are the purists, of big, centralized post Constitutional government. Many of these politicians aren't willing to fight for us, so why should we continue supporting them? There's all this talk about inequality from Hillary Clinton and others - yet the game plan for them is to create more inequality, so they can gain more power and ultimately regulate our lives more. Rather than follow the Constitution and implement it, they'd rather just attack conservatives. Mark asks if we even need a Congress anymore if they're going to continue to let President Obama do as he pleases and not use the power of the purse against him. Also, Mark talks about same-sex marriage and says that this isn't as big of a voting issue as the Democrats would have you believe, and that we need to stick to the Constitution. Mark gives an update on Los Angeles Clipper's owner Donald Sterling and his selling of the team. Finally, Steve Lonegan calls in about his Congressional primary in New Jersey.


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