On Monday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about the breaking news that actor and comedian Robin Williams has died from an apparent suicide. He takes calls from people that knew him or met him, as well as those that appreciated his support of our military. Also, Mark talks about Voter ID laws and how illegals aren't going to need voter ID in order to vote in some cities and states, because of the phony argument that they are being discriminated against. Mark talks about how Attorney General Eric Holder continues to use race and the immigration debate to push his agenda thru. Mark says that the American people want legal citizens to be voting for their politicians and are tired of our politicians taking advantage of us and changing the laws for political pandering. Finally, the Republican Establishment are dragging us down and the people are upset at them for not leading us by example. They are still pushing Mitt Romney even though he lost, just like they pushed John McCain; it's time for new thinking applied to old principles.


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