Like many others, I followed intently the story in Alabama involving the five year old boy being taken hostage by the 65 year old man off a bus following the man shooting the bus driver.

The story has a somewhat happy ending, the boy is safe; however the abductor is dead.

I have a real hot button when it comes to kids.  I can't for the life of me guess how I'd react if that was one of my kids or grandkids in a similar situation.

Especially (as the story goes) if the child has medical issues that couldn't be ignored.

Did anyone really believe there would be a good resolution to this?

Did anyone really think no lives would be taken?

Most importantly, did anyone really think it would take THIS long for the situation to end?

History reminds us of things like this that did not end well.

Two words; David Koresh

Before you start the e-mails, allow me to explain; there was a standoff, children were involved, weapons were involved.

No matter who you believe was responsible for the carnage in that incident, did anyone in their heart believe it was going to have a happy ending, the more the standoff continued?

I'll admit I'm probably wearing blinders pertaining to this story, and the term "objective news reporter" gets flushed down the drain.

Maybe the authorities had a plan all along...

Maybe they had it in control all this time...

Maybe they also just stood around with their heads where the sun doesn't shine without a clue.

This was a FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD for God's sake!

Reports today say the child is smiling and happy, without a care in the world.

I pray he's young enough to put all of this past him.

Yet I know, let's say from experience, when a child, even younger than five, is put through trauma of any kind, it doesn't go away 100%.

Again, I'm so thrilled he is safe. 

I'm just very angry that he, his family, and all of those cared for and loved him had to see him go through this.

And sometimes, negotiating just don't cut it.

And you just have to do what you just have to do.

Mike Patrick