Lots of talk in the News Room today about the unfortunate suicide of Country singer Mindy McCready.

Yes it's very sad.  Yes it's very unfortunate for the family and friends she leaves behind.

But what concerns me, however, is that, when things like this happen to "famous, well known people", everyone must (A) talk about it and (B) need to know every single detail of how, why, when, where etc.

Since the dawn of time, the world has been filled with troubled individuals, many of whom, for reasons no one knows, decided to make the "final decision".

It's safe to say the majority of those who have done so weren't known by many.

Any "details" were not mentioned out of respect for the family.

Why is there this unsatisfied craving of some people to have a "You Are There" moment?

We have an unwritten rule in the News Room; if we can avoid stories about people who kill themselves, we will do so.

In some cases, if the "incident" is done in front of people, or interferes with a person's day, we can't avoid it, but we downplay details.

You see this in police reports about an individual found dead, when you see the words "not considered a homicide".

Letting you into a portion of my life, I was in a relationship with an individual who was (is?) bi polar, with a side of post traumatic stress syndrome.

For nearly 20 years, I lived with that person making more suicide attempts than I can count, fortunately none were a success.

The fact that they were only attempts doesn't change the fact that the memories remain with me to this day.

I can't imagine what people would say to me if any attempt did succeed.

And, as a broadcaster (and thus, "a public person"),what might have been written/said from the media.

So yeah, I'm over sensitive on this topic, but with good reason.

I'm just guessing tonight, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, among others, will be screaming headlines like "What brought Mindy to the edge?", "What could have been done?", or my favorite.."Mindy's last fatal moments."

It IS Sweeps Month, after all.

But I sure as Hell won't be watching.

Mike Patrick