This involves a developing story, but no matter the outcome, the point of this posting remains the same.

As I write this, "the search is on" for Casey Kasem.

For background on the story, click here.

Very, very sad.

In this case, it's a battle between Casey's wife and the kids.

No one is saying this, but you have to assume it's all about money.

The case of film legend Mickey Rooney is another example of a person being taken advantage of due to their age.

If you aren't familiar with the story, click here.

What can be learned from these two examples?

In general, no matter who rich, famous, or well off you are, you must go through the life and death process like anyone else.

There also comes a time for many of us that the risk of vulnerability in out last years exists no matter how much planning we do.

It comes down to, unfortunately, three little words; don't trust anyone.

Is this what we've become?

Has society lowered itself to this level?

I really don't know.

As a card carrying AARP member, I worry every day about what will happen in my "golden years".

As of this moment, I'm quite confident in the fact that my family and friends will take care of me when the time comes.

At least I think so.

What about the parent or grandparent in your life?

One thing I feel comfortable in saying regarding not only the Kasem and Rooney cases, but for all others who even THINK of elder abuse of a loved one...

karma is a b*t#h baby!

Mike Patrick