The 2014 schedule for Alive At Five in Downtown Albany came out yesterday.

I'll admit it, with two exceptions, I really didn't know many of the acts.

This is a major watershed moment for me.

I've been in broadcasting for nearly 40 years, the majority of that time as a DJ or so called Air Personality.

I prided myself on odd bits of trivia about music.

For example, I could tell you Chuck Berry's second release, the length of the song, the number assigned to the song, and what the label of the 45 (again, I am old) looked like.

I still love music, but nowadays I'm more drawn to Talk Radio and TV News Channels.

Still, I love a lot of Contemporary Music, like Bruno Mars, but maybe because he reminds me of James's the hair.

OK, getting off track, old guys do that.

So when the list came out, it was a mixed reaction in the News Room. 

Read Shepherd and I are the same age, well not really, he's a few months older, so I consider him my senior.

Jim Gagliardi is a few years older than us, but he's a former DJ himself, and there's an underlying hip factor to him.

George Morris is the young whippersnapper of the group, so it's safe to say he's aware of all things music.

John Craig is well aware of Contemporary Music, but only the Sesame Street version of the songs.

Diane Donato and Tom Rigatti are well versed in music, aided by (and no disrespect when I say this) having kids so they are still in the "relevent parent zone".

So as we're looking at the list (click here to see it), Read and I comment that aside from Shiela E. and Grand Funk Railroad, there's really no one that well known.

"Oh no!" says the group as a whole, "What about Fitz & The Tantrums?"


And then they educated me.

And I was quite pleasantly surprised.

Maybe I'll actually go now.

Truth be told, I'm not totally out of touch...

I do know how to twerk...

but nobody got time for that!

Mike Patrick