Thank God for the DVR.

Being the Busy Broadcast Professional/Loving Husband/Devoted Father & Grandfather that I am, and my wife Nancy being the Busy Professional/Loving Wife/Devoted Mother & Grandmother that she is, we have little to no time to watch our favorite shows live, our viewing choices are either shows recorded by the DVR, or from On Demand (I don't like that option since in many cases you can't fast forward past the commercials...and if you're one of the businesses paying my salary...ignore that last statement).

Nine times out of ten it's a great system.

Except for times like this coming Sunday night.

When the Series Finale of "Breaking Bad" airs.

We (actually me more than Nancy) have a problem as the finale approaches; we're both early risers...and we're both we (Nancy more than me) hit the sack early.  When we TRY to stay up...let's just say Vegas oddsmakers would lose even with the point spread.

So, for the last few weeks, I've been trying to come up with solutions to watch the show BEFORE we hit the Internet and/or go to work the next day where for sure it will be Water Cooler Talk Topic #1.

Easiest solution would be to take a Sick/Vacation/Personal Day Monday, stay home, enjoy the day together, and check out the show.

After all, we did the same thing the day after the "Lost" Series Finale.

However, upon further review, we really can't afford to take the day off (We ARE vital to our respective jobs...or so we tell each other).

What to do, what to do?

So I got home from work last night and presented Nancy with options.

Things like that make for a happy marriage.

Option 1; sleep in late Sunday morning, fight like anything to stay up all the way through the finale, WITHOUT falling asleep/passing out.

Option 2; go to bed early Sunday night, get up EARLY Monday morning (we're usually up at 5 to walk), watch the finale, and go to work a little late (naturally we'd make up the lost time....again if our employers are reading this, that's a true statement).

Nancy offered me Option 3; watch the show by myself, and she can watch it the next night.

To me, that would be like cheating on my wife with another woman...and in this case the other woman would be Walter White.


So the final decision rests in the hands of my loving wife.

Honey, I love you, but tick, tick, tick.

Mike Patrick