Hey, there.  Me again.  Lately, I find I'm taking a lot of good-natured ribbing in the newsroom, because I'm finding it utterly impossible to muster up the slightest interest in this World Cup thing.  And, to be honest, I'm wondering if my soccer apathy is due to the nature of the game itself (all defense, zero offense), fans' response to it, or if it's simply because it's not a sport the U.S. has ever dominated.  Oh, I kind of get the concept.  Kick the ball into the goal.  And prevent the other guys from doing the same thing. Simple enough.  And, I can "USA!! USA!! USA!!" with the best of them.  Last fall, I made my first-ever trip to Lake Placid and saw the arena where the Miracle on Ice took place, and got pretty emotional.  Texted pictures all over the place, saying "It happened HERE!" So, it's certainly not a lack of patriotism on my part.  And, I'm sadly used to the University of Michigan building its football program over the years with players from Ohio, so I really have no problem with the make-up of the roster.  I guess I just flat-out don't have a history with the game.  I never played soccer as a kid, never asked my dad if we could go out and kick the ball back and forth,  never went to the park and took kicking practice.....so, forgive me if I'm slow to embrace it now.  Yeah, I understand the World Cup is the world's biggest sporting event.  Probably is.  Millions and millions across the globe go nuts over it, I'm told.  OK.  Fine. Soccer is growing in popularity in the U.S, we're told.  No doubt about that, but don't tell me it'll ever replace the NFL in the hearts and minds of those of us who truly go crazy over FOOTBALL!


Read Shepherd