Well, we're now past Thanksgiving and in the heart of the Holiday Shopping Season. 

Seems that due to new events, Black Friday is now considered to be Grey Friday.

I guess Thanksgiving is now Black Thursday, or Black Thanksgiving, or Black SOMETHING, since a glut of stores opened earlier than normal to offer "Holiday Special Deals".

From the time it was first announced many of the "Big Box Stores" were doing this, here comes the protests from (A) Employees who didn't want to/wouldn't work on Thanksgiving.

Not to mention the protests from people who swore they would not shop on Thanksgiving.

If you look at the reponse from the public this past Thursday night, the protests were of little use.

To tell the truth, I have a rather cold heart when it comes to working on holidays.

I blame my career of the last (nearly) 40 years for that.

In Broadcasting, for the most part, there are no such things as holidays.

Technology has helped make things a little bit easier, but, for example, someone has to do the News and keep up to date on things.

When I started in the business, and for a good number of years thereafter, if it was a holiday, odds are I worked it.

That was true for Thanksgiving, true for Christmas, true for Easter, and true for New Year's Eve.

Would I like to be with my family and/or friends on those days? Sure.

I like a steady paycheck more.

I'm an old enough fart to remember when the Blue Laws were in effect.

If you don't remember them, on holidays, you were lucky to be able to get a loaf of bread if you ran out.

Low on gas?  Good luck with that brother.

Beer run?  Don't even think about it.

What has happened since those days can be considered progress by some, or going to Hell in a handbasket by others.

It's change, and while we may not like it, odds are it's here to stay.

And before you ask, NO, I did not go shopping on Thanksgiving night.

My wife Nancy attempted to, just to maybe save a couple of bucks on gifts for the grandkids.

Notice the word "attempted."

She gave up on the first store after not being able to get in, briefly ran into the second for a QUICK item, and said "screw it" to the third.

Not next year Maynard.

Mike Patrick