Hi, my name is Mike, and I'm also a man who wears pink...

(Hi Mike)

I've been reading and listening with interest to the debates between my co workers Chuck Custer and Tom Rigatti on the topic of whether men should men should wear clothes that are pink in color.

If you're not aware of the debate, click here first.

Then here.

A third one here.

And finally the last one here.

Nothing against Tom, I have the greatest respect for..I mean I greatly admire ..well Tom's one of my co workers (just kidding Bub), but to tell the truth he's the only man I have ever met who feels this way.

Pink is a color, not a statement.

A man or woman could wear camouflage style clothing and not be in the military.

A man or woman could wear all black clothing and not be an undertaker (or Johnny Cash).

A man or woman could wear pink colored clothes and not "make a statement".

I for one have been known to wear my share of pink colored clothes.

I for one have been known to wear flowery Hawaiian shirts at one time in my broadcast career- look at me and Jan Berry from Jan & Dean,

or me and Travis Tritt.

I for one have dressed as a woman, OK it was for a Halloween party, and HR tells me I can't show it, but trust me I looked pretty good.

And I am not alone in my choice of color in my attire.

I can testify that my fellow News Teamers John Craig and George Morris have traveled to "The Pink Side" at one time or another.

So let them scoff, let them laugh, let them chortle, we wear what we wear with pride.

And believe me, when you're a broadcaster, you need as much pride as you can get.

Mike Patrick