A couple of points to start;

1. This is a developing story, and does not have a resolution yet.

2. I do not consider myself a violent person, or one that gets off by having pain given to others.

But I am a father, and that's important to know for the purpose of this story.

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I'm reading about the people upset with this "botched excecution", or as my father used to say, their a**es are in an uproar".


What part of the word execution aren't people getting?

Are we supposed to feel sorry for this waste of space?

Are we supposed to feel sympathy?

Go back and read what this dirt bag did.

As I said earlier, I'm a father, and a grandfather too.

If that was my daughter, and I found the slime ball, it's safe to say...hypothetically speaking...an execution wouldn't be needed, let alone a trial.

I hear people say that it's a violation of an anti "cruel and unusual punishment" law on the books.

As we all know, not every law is right and just.

Finally, let's assume the execution went as planned.

I'm pretty sure the "cruel and unusual punishment" began at the moment of death.

Hope you brought a fan Bucko.

Mike Patrick