As my youngest finishes elementary school, I'm left with that slight sadness that the transition from childhood into adolescence touches many parents with.  But I also have a strong sense of satisfaction that my children's early years were spent in such a nurturing and enriching environment.


A few random conversations with my daughter brought that point home. 


One day she asked me: “Does the principal really “know” me or does she “KNOW” me?”  She was at an age when she was beginning to differentiate between a passing nod and a genuine smile in the hallways.  A genuine soft smile crossed her face when I confirmed that Mrs. Bonacio KNOWS you.


A couple of months ago she volunteered how she's learned a lot from her teachers, starting with Girl Power(!) from her gym teacher, and following up with how to laugh off a mistake from another teacher, how to create beautiful works of art from another, how to solve really tough problems, and how you can still be nice when you are the boss.


She didn't know it, but that conversation dove-tailed very nicely about 10 days later when she started taking about herself and her friends and their future prospects.  One would be a veterinarian, another might be a teacher, another some kind of “international business woman,” and another a musician.  These kids have varied options and are filled with hope.  All things are possible!


I'm filled with gratitude.


Thank you to my children's teachers and to all the other teachers who provide children with such positive examples to follow and bring out the best in them, in between teaching the math, the science, the reading.


There is no test for that.  Its value is immeasurable.




Diane Donato

WGY News Anchor

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment