Yeah, I know that's a very harsh and very broad statement, but go with me for a minute.

Remember when America LOVED singing competition shows?

I'm talking about YOU American Idol.

When you look at the success stories from contestants on the show from say the first 5 years or so, with people like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, there was a valid argument that these shows brought out the best of the country's undiscovered talent.

That argument ended once Taylor Hicks won American Idol.

There's always going to be a debate as to the popularity of the "Soul Patrol", but the fact is, when he won, there was NO hit album, let alone a single.

With few exceptions, the decline intensified.

Then came the copycat shows.

What made things worse was the shows became all about the judges, and NOT the talent.

And the talent featured on the show just made it a beauty pageant, and not a showcase of their singing abilities.

"The Voice" initially broke the mode; singers auditioned WITHOUT the judges looking at them singing.

And again, GREAT talent prevailed.

Again, initially.

My wife Nancy and I watched MORE than our fill of singing competition shows.  But like junkies, we had to get the monkeys off our backs and go cold turkey.

Bye Bye Idol, forget about it X Factor...and life was good, "The Voice" took care of our needs.

This season, however, we're still watching, and I really don't know why, we just feel pavlovian I guess, hear the bad singers, keep watching the show.

By and large, most of the singers this year have..well...sucked!

Part of it is their song choice (we've heard that before), then there's the "pitchy issue (dog)".

It's rare we watch shows in "real time" (Thank you DVR), and on playback we usually just fast forward past the commercials.

But watching "The Voice" lately, I'm hitting the fast forward before the end of the second line of the song on EVERY contestant!

Like anything else, the reality show horse is beaten to death..again.

If you're with PETA and reading this, don't complain to me about that last statement...just contact the networks.

If I want bad singing, I'll record myself in the shower.

OK, that's not really the visial image I wanted to leave you with.

Pardon me while I take a call from HR...

Mike Patrick