This is a follow up to a conversation I was having with Chuck Custer on the air Sunday while filling in for Joe Gallagher on WGY.

We were discussing the rally in downtown Albany the day before that he and Kelly Lynch attended.

This was the NYS version of the "Guns Across America" gathering held in state capitals around the country.

Besides being among (a guestimate here) the largest attended of all the rallies, Chuck brought up a great point:

People who own guns/support the Second Amendment do not fit the stereotype one would make about "gun owners," based on many people he and Kelly saw/spoke with.

Not every gun owner is a redneck.

Not every gun owner lives in a trailer.

Not every gun owner is toothless.

Not every gun owner is illiterate.

Not every gun owner chews Red Man (gee, is it not PC to even say the name of the product?).

My main point: the days of thinking an individual is by what they believe/do are over.

Here's another example: bikers.

I learned this myself over the years up north when Americade rolled through Lake George every summer.

Not every biker is a Hell's Angel.

Not every biker packs a piece.

Not every biker is a doper.

Not every biker is filthy.

Any and every stereotype is NOT as perceived.

All that said, I still to this day believe this country has become WAY WAY WAY too PC. It seems we all have to walk on eggshells hoping we don't say anything to offend someone, or that we're not offended by every/any word someone says to us.

America has to grow a thicker skin. 

America has to toughen up.

America needs to man up and grow a pair.

And yes I'm sure someone was offended by that last one, but frankly, I don't care.

Let's think before we speak, and think before we preceive, but for goodness sake we're not perfect so deal with it and move on.

With this being written on Martin Luther King Day, it brings on even more meaning.

Finally, one last stereotype...all fat people are jolly.

On behalf of the fat people, I can personally say I love laughing my (rather large) backside off...

even/especially if a joke is a little "inappropriate."

Mike Patrick