Seems every day now, there's a new story about another community somewhere in the Capital Region making a pitch to get a casino in their neck of the woods.

There are pros and cons on the issue, from potential new income for the area to the riff raff and reprobates coming into a town with gambling and painted ladies.

Me? Personally, I don't have a problem with casinos.

It's a matter of how much disposable income you can afford.

Lately, I seem to be disposing more and more of my income on creditors, leaving little or nothing to go to the one armed bandits.

When I do go to a casino, I try to play it smart;

I bring a set amount of money...I assume I will lose it all...and when it's gone, I leave.

I don't bother with table games, I can easily chill out at the slots.

Here's where it gets interesting.

(A) I'm cheap

(B) Even if I weren't, I'm in a business where the completion of a job well done is more important than the financial compensation of said job.

(Anyone in management reading...I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!!)

So rather than the quarter, dollar or even five dollar slots, I'm just as happy playing the nickel (or if I'm really hard up) penny games.

Before you reply, yes, I know I'm throwing my money away, but it IS a time killer, and I really enjoy the people watching.

Especially since there's a number of people who just KNOW the next game will hit BIG


I have a member of my family who goes to the casino ALL of the time.

This person (no names) must have "stepped in it" over the years, since they ALWAYS seem to win.

They believe in the standard "You have to spend money to make money" philosophy.

OK.....spend say 200 dollars, by betting BIG money on the slots, and get a couple thou?

Not me, brother.

Call it an old school work ethic, but I just don't have the...guts (family readers on this blog, so I can't use the word I really want) chuck my hard earned money away in clumps like that.

But I will suck on an adult drink or two and pop a buck, maybe two if I'm feeling like a big spender, into a machine to kill a day.

Last time I went, however, I saw a change, and not the good kind.

Used to be a penny slot meant, if you so desired, you could bet (and most likely lose) a penny at a time.

Now, on some machines, a minimum bet on a penny slot can be as much as 75 cents.

No, not gonna kill me, but it comes over as false advertising.

One day I see a time when I'm finally retired; I get the nerve to take all the money to my name and go nuts at the casino.

Just in case, I have already made my "Will Broadcast For Food" sign that I'll use while standing on a corner after I lose it all.

Mike Patrick