From my "Good-Not Good" file....definitely NOT GOOD.

I like and respect Albany County Executive Dan McCoy.  Really.  He's media-friendly (thanks to his PIO, Mary Rozak, an old friend), sharp, on the ball, and dedicated.  He's got some good things going on, and his recent moratorium on the expansion of those oil shipments through the South End gives everybody some time to stop, take a breath, and see where things are going.

But, he ain't so good on rock & roll.

Or country.

A couple of months back, a few eyebrows went up (including mine) at the Times-Union Center when McCoy helped announce the much-anticipated July 5 Paul McCartney concert by saying Albany County welcomes Paul MC CARTHEY.



I did once hear the late Paul Harvey eulogize John EARTHWHISTLE of "The W-H-O," but Harvey was uh.....past his prime when he did that.

Now, I hear in the newsroom that McCoy did it again.

The CHARLES Daniels Band????


I mean, I know Charlie hasn't been on the charts all that much, but....The Devil Went Down to Georgia, man!!  Come on!  Sit down in that chair right there and let me show you how it's done!

I mean, what might Dan have said if someone asked him for a comment about 50 Cents' ceremonial first pitch the other night at Citi Field?

Have a good weekend...