Touching Story Involving Family of Former NYS Trooper

Troop K has been given a gift that  money can't buy.  Boxes of photographs, historical documents and news articles were brought to the station telling the story of former Trooper Herschel Allen Gay's time there, and by extension, telling Troop K about its own history.

Trooper Melissa McMorris says Trooper Gay's son and two of his grandsons drove all the way from Derryann, NH and Oceanside, Long Island to meet with current troopers and to allow them to photograph, scan and catalog a rich history that had been collected over decades.

Putting it all together took over 6 hours.

According to McMorris, Trooper Herschel Allen Gay joined the state police in 1923.  He served Troop K exclusively, until becoming a Captain in 1944.  She says Captain Gay then served as the Troop C Commander until his unexpected death in 1954.

Trooper McMorris says she and her colleagues treasure the chance to connect with their history through the history of Trooper Gay.  Troop K is celebrating its centennial this year.

There are undoubtedly more treasures to be found.  McMorris says anyone who has historical NYS Police information, photographs or other artifacts to share should contact their local State Police Station.

Photos courtesy of New York State Police Troop K (via Gay family.)

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