Class Action Lawsuit Over PFOA Contamination in Perersburgh

The law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg says its lawsuit against Taconic Plastics over PFOA water contamination in Petersburgh has been certified as the first such class action case in the state.

The lawsuit alleges that the release of PFOA from Taconic’s manufacturing facility contaminated the town’s drinking water, causing health problems and hurting property values.

The company has acknowledged its role in creating this environmental hazard, and in 2016, the State DEC declared the Taconic facility a Superfund site.

In addition to the Petersburgh case, the firm is also helping residents in Hoosick Falls, who were exposed to PFOA from a manufacturing facility operated by Saint-Gobain and Honeywell.

James Bilsborrow, an attorney with the firm of Weitz and Luxenberg, says about 1500 people affected by the contamination need testing and monitoring.

He adds if the monitoring program reveals health issues, those affected can get an early diagnosis and treatment.

Photo: Getty Images


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