Rotterdam Woman Lived with Dead Animals for Months


WARNING: Graphic photos below

Albany County Sheriff Craig D. Apple, Sr. reports the arrest of a 59 year-old Rotterdam woman on animal cruelty charges.

On June 9, 2017 the Albany County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a bank regarding a foreclosure property located at 24 Jones Avenue in the Town of New Scotland, where they had located deceased animals inside. 

Upon arrival, Sheriff’s Deputies located one deceased dog and one deceased cat, along with the residence being covered in animal feces. 

The previous owner of the property, identified as 58-year-old Alice Boughton was interviewed by Sheriff’s Investigators. 

Boughton told Sheriff’s Investigators that the animals have been deceased since the fall of 2016, and that she had been residing with the dead animals in the residence until she vacated the property in March 2017.     

Boughton has been charged with two counts of Failure to Provide Sustenance in violation of Agriculture and Markets Law (a class A misdemeanor).

Photos: Albany County Sheriff's Office

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