Kelly's Stupid Criminals: Employee Tells Robber to 'Get a Job’

A man tried robbing a Subway in Ohio. But, the employee was not giving into his demands to open the register. Instead, she replies by telling him to get a job. He eventually gets frustrated and takes off with the tip jar containing $13. 

A 31-year-old man in New York was arrested for DWI while dressed as the tin man. He told the police that he had been hired to dress as the Tin Man for OzStravaganza, an event held in Chittenango. However, the festival organizers say he was not a cast member.

Photo: New York State Police

A Seven Eleven in Florida was robbed by a guy who stuffed 15 bottles of motor oil and 30 DVD's down his pants. He was caught when he walked past a detective who was sitting in an unmarked police car. The detective noticed the man' struggle to walk. 

Two police officers went out of their way to escort a drunk man home. They didn't want him to be confused about how he got home, so they took a selfie on his phone. 

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