The Paul Potratz Show | Sunday 11am-12pm

The Paul Potratz Show | Sunday 11am-12pm

The Paul Potratz Show "The Business Show Focused on Growing Your Business Through Technology,Enhancing Your Leadership Skills and Changing Your Mindset on Marketing."

There is Not Another Radio Show in the Nation Like This One.

If you're a manager, business owner or entrepreneur then you'll want to tune in. This is where Paul and Samantha share proven tips and strategies to help you in your career growth. Change your mindset and learn some fascinating (but often creepy) facts about the business.

Every week Paul and Samantha cover new technologies, marketing trends, best practices and social media topics and tell you point blank if it's worth your time or not. This is also your opportunity to call in and receive a 7 Minute Consultation on any topic that relates to success and business. Call now 24/7 1-855-POTRATZ and ask your question. If we choose your question you will be featured during the show.

Each show is fast paced; no small talk and on point with topics that really matter to managers, business owners, and sales professionals!

"It was a Full Hour of Providing Clarity to Help Me Grow My Business and Understand What Shoppers Really Want" Listener to show Bryan P. "


When and Where to Get the Facts

Join Paul and Samantha Live from WGY studios every Sunday at 11 AM EST on News Radio810 & 103.1 WGY. You can also join them on or on the iHeartRadio App.

Past Shows and Free Stuff

Listen to past shows and sign up to receive Paul and Samantha's Weekly Actionable Strategy Tip delivered to your inbox or on mobile device they Share on every show at

Don't Forget you can call in 24/7 and ask your question that may possibly be featured on The Paul Potratz show 1-855-POTRATZ 

Paul Potratz - The Business Architect  

In 2003 Potratz Digital Marketing was created. Paul had $9,500 and a dream to be a business owner and an early adapter into everything digital and social marketing. Driving cross-country pitching his consulting and digital marketing firm to 17 different business prospects. Every time he walked away empty handed and knew there was something wrong with his approach or business model. Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creativity inspired him to continue working towards his dream.

"Many managers, business owners, and sales professionals that have worked Paul or follow his principals refer to him as a guerrilla marketer that has helped them architect a competition and recession proof business" 

Today, nearly 15 years after opening his namesake consulting and digital advertising firm, Paul has opened new companies to include a Consulting Firm for Business Owners, Video Production Company by Potratz, Website Design and Sales Technology Firm, DLD Websites, and a Real Estate Holdings firm Potratz Real Estate Holdings. The list of companies has grown and so has the team to move these companies into the Top 3 Largest Marketing, Creative and Sales firms in the Capital Region.

Paul has always believed in the "Go-Giver Philosophy" and has created a following of over 220,000 subscribers for his weekly shows Think Tank Tuesday and The Growth Mindset where he shares business trends, sales tactics, technology reviews and guerrilla marketing tips. These shows can be found on his websites,, and iTunes, iHeart, Spotify, and Stitcher

Simply a man with a dream, Paul is a proven example that by simply "Changing Your Mindset" anyone can turn ideas into a reality.

Paul travels the world speaking at conferences about business trends, strategies for growing your business and finding the right team to cast a vision. He has been interviewed by New York Times, NY Post, and Wall Street Journal.

Samantha Cunningham Zawilinski - The Millennial Intrepreneur

Entrepreneur is a Dirty Buzz Word according to Samantha! "If you want to be irreplaceable, desirable, and wealthy in life and business you need to adopt the Intrepreneur Mindset".

"Samantha is known to talk fast, get to the point, and discuss topics that matter but are hard to hear yet will generate tangible results for any manager or business"

Samantha is young, focused and the Vice President of Potratz guiding over 20 million dollars annually at one of the Top 3 largest Capital Region's consulting, digital advertising, website, video production, and sales technology companies.

Samantha seeks out the hard data and uses that data to drive results. Her knowledge of business, consumer trends and advanced marketing technologies and tactics, combined with her ability to understand when, and where, to implement them, continues to drive client success and actionable data that has landed her on stages speaking internationally. Her focus topics include Millennials in the Workforce and Young Women in a Not So Much Man's World Anymore.

Samantha's views are brash, to the point, uncomfortable to hear for some and based on Hard Facts. Samantha has a weekly show "Hard Facts" that can be found on, and iTunes.

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