There was a big crowd Wednesday evening at Soldiers and Sailors Park in Waterford, as friends and family got together to remember Marine Major Caine Goyette, one of 16 service members killed in a military plane crash last month in Mississippi. 

Among those on hand was Town Supervisor John Lawler.

“Waterford’s a small town, we all know one another, and most importantly we remember one another.”

Lawler says Goyette's name and legacy will live on in Waterford.

“He will join the ranks of those who have given their life to this country in service, and as a community we’ll never forget that and we’ll never forget him.”

Goyette was the highest-ranking Marine on board the plane. 

He graduated from Waterford-Halfmoon High School and served multiple deployments.

He joined the Marines in 1994.

Photo: Official Military Photo