Night Construction Will Close Lanes of the Twin Bridges

A traffic head-up for the Twin Bridges.

Starting tonight, travel lanes will be reduced during nights for the next several weeks for bridge resurfacing.Through the middle of next week, northbound traffic will be reduced from three to two lanes after the evening rush hours, and to a single lane overnight. Two lanes will be restored for northbound bridge traffic by 6 a.m., with three lanes scheduled to be restored by 8 a.m. through Wednesday, and by 7 a.m. on Thursday.

No resurfacing will occur on the bridge during the Labor Day weekend, from Friday, Sept. 1, through Tuesday morning, Sept. 5.

Weather permitting, resurfacing on the southbound bridge is scheduled to begin during the end of the evening rush hours next Thursday, Sept. 7. Traffic will initially be reduced from three to two lanes, then to one lane overnight. Three lanes of traffic on the southbound bridge are scheduled to be restored by 6 a.m. weekdays.

Project is scheduled to be completed by no later than Sept. 30.

Photo: Getty Images

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