Floridians Traveling North to Evade Hurricane

The evacuees from Florida are going all over the country, including the Capital Region.

Jackie Noblett is from Fort Myers, Florida, and she spoke with News Channel 13, saying that she is now going to ride out the storm, in a very familiar place.

"I got on the phone with my mother, she's in Ravena, I grew up in Ravena, and she said, 'I'd really would rather you come here.'"

Jackie is staying with her mother, but she will be thinking about her husband.

He is staying behind to take care of animals at the Federal Wildlife Refuge in Florida.

"My husband sent me the text message, saying it's coming towards Naples."

Besides her, there is a continued pattern and procession since Thursday, of people flying out of Florida to stay with family or friends to escape the devastation that is being forecast from Irma.

Yesterday, the airport was filled with people coming from Florida.

As of today, there is a fair assumption that most flights from Florida to Albany have been cancelled.

Travelers are urged to consult their airlines or monitor the Albany Airport website for the latest flight information.

Photo: Getty Images

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