Homicide Seminar Draws 200 to Albany

For the last several days, about 200 homicide investigators from all over the country, and from all over the world, have been training in Albany as part of an annual seminar that features officers who've worked on some of the nation's highest-profile murder cases.

"Over the course of four days, we feature high-profile cases, and world-renowned experts who bring the best and brightest of what they know, and pass that along to the atendees," said State Police Inspector Joseph Tripodo.

The gathering is designed to train law enforcement officers on the latest in forensic science and technology.  Tripodo said hopefully, investigators can learn something they can apply to one of their own homicide or cold cases. "The homicide investigators learn from the latest techniques and they can bring that back to their own departments."

Among the cases attendees have been learning about this week, the 1963 killing of civil rights activist Medgar Evars in Mississippi, a case that took more than 30 years to solve.  Also the BTK killer and the Sandy Hook shootings have been on the week's agenda.

Photo:  Getty Images

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